Promotion Rules - Additional 20% Discount on the "Sale" collection/category

Promotion Terms - Additional 20% Discount when purchasing at least two products from the "Sale" category between September 7, 2023, and September 10, 2023.

You will receive an additional 20% discount when you add and purchase a minimum of 2 products from the "Sale" category on the website, using the code SALE20 during the order placement.

In case you wish to return items from your order, the discount on the products will be retained if at least two products from the "Sale" category remain in the order after the return.

After returning items from your order, and only one product eligible for the promotional offer remains, the product's price will revert to the sale price, excluding the additional 20% discount during the refund process.

The refund amount will be adjusted proportionally. To retain the entire promotional discount, it is necessary to keep a minimum of two products from the "Sale" category in the entire order.


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